Image processing is a method for making certain models by converting the image to a numerical form, or performing some actions to extract useful information
from it.

Image processing is used in a variety of fields in different sectors and more and more developing, with artificial intelligence-based technology. Image processing consists primarily of the following three steps, the image acquisition tools and the image import, analyze and manipulate the image, and the desired image or report printout where the result can be changed based on image analysis.

MIA Teknoloji works through assistive devices in various areas, including major city security, plant security, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology and manufacturing industry, creating artificial intelligence-assisted technologies.

Primary Industries

Mass behavior Analysis and Reporting for the Concept of Smart Cities
Safety and Control with Autonomous Anomaly Detection in the Field and Various Regions
Production Line Quality Control Based on Integrated Image Processing
Conducting an Audit on Autonomous Drone Flights