Due to the proliferation of large and crowded areas, the monitoring of events and the analysis of people’s behavior have become one of the important needs for security.

It is difficult to identify, predict or prevent movements that may be prohibited in public areas and where they cannot be effectively controlled, because human communities have different dynamics and psychological characteristics. This context causes a large control gap in these areas.

MIA Teknoloji consists of features such as abnormal behavior analysis, identifying community behaviors, counting and grouping people, mood analysis, identification; A system will be developed in which people can be identified and tracked.

The system will be integrated with cameras in the field and will be enhanced using image processing to detect;

  • Detecting and reporting unauthorized access to restricted access locations

  • Detecting and reporting work accidents

  • Detecting and reporting health problems such as fainting or falling

  • Analysis and reporting of other anomalies occurring in the field

It will be a sustainable and cost-effective innovative solution that can be integrated with existing systems.