Quality has become one of the important consumer decision factors in the selection of competing products and services. Understanding and improving quality; are the main factors that lead to business success, growth and competitiveness.

In the production lines, the tolerance values ​​of especially processed materials differ compared to the ideal model. Manually controlling thousands of materials passing through the production line per unit time is a serious waste of time. Many of the nonconformities go unnoticed without careful inspection. Moving this error to a higher system will make it even more difficult to find the error. In addition, a moment of inattention, carelessness or illusion can lead to misleading results. For this reason, it is important to detect and eliminate nonconformities at the part level.

MIA Teknoloji will design a generalizable production line automation tool that can evaluate nonconformities in production lines for different sectors. With high-tech camera systems capable of imaging at different wavelengths, precise measurements and the data obtained will be processed in real time and reporting will be made.

Our goals by the client organization;

  • Speeding up the control process by converting the production line quality control process from manual to automation

  • Classification of even objects, detection of defective-defective products and removal of structural texture differences with fast, non-contact and remote measurement methods

  • To obtain a system that will bring together quality and production components

  • Increasing efficiency and capacity by improving time loss in the quality control line

  • To make the factory quality control processes remotely controllable and intervenable regardless of location by remote process monitoring

  • Making production based on zero defect

  • Making production with minimum resource usage

  • Providing fast delivery to the customer

  • Increasing the use of technology in the factory production line