The different dynamics and psychological characteristics of the society should be analyzed by using technological systems in the problems experienced due to the increase in population and population density in big cities.

Community behavior analysis to be carried out in public and private areas has become a mandatory practice for security organizations. In areas where people are concentrated; There are problems in the implementation of solutions such as crowd identification, tracking and abnormal motion detection.

MIA Teknoloji, with the system it will develop, in regions where human density is experienced; Human number detection, general motion trajectory inference, human tracking, mood analysis, anomaly and abnormal human voice detection aim to close the vulnerability of possible danger and/or threats.

In this direction, the targeted elements are;

  • Knowing the number of people in a region and thus, fire, earthquake, etc. making sure that safety in dangerous situations applies to all people

  • Finding and tracking the target in the crowd in case of a wanted person in an area

  • Behavioral classification of masses with motion analysis methods

  • Detecting flow-based motion features

  • Detection of Local Spatial-Temporal features

  • Motion Trajectory a nalysis

  • Detection and containment of potential criminals through the analysis of suspicious behavior, even when hidden in the crowd

  • Screaming, fighting noise, etc. detecting abnormal human voices and producing solutions according to their causes.