Renewable energy consists of natural sources or as a result of constantly renewed processes. Unlike fossil fuels, they are sources of energy that can be obtained indefinitely.


Increasing population and energy resources are insufficient and there are difficulties in transportation. Due to the increasing unplanned urbanization and population density, the issue of energy use has attracted attention, so solar and wind energy has become an important tool for many governments in achieving their smart and planned city goals. The goals of creating a user-centered life are an economic life and a sustainable quality of life.

MIA Teknoloji works to ensure that the energy consumed in buildings, homes and other public spaces are controlled, sustainable and cost-effective.

As part of these studies, it is possible to consume the air and light energy received by the wind and the sun under the control of the user with adaptive systems, analyze it and distribute it in the following process. Energy systems management can create a smarter and more sustainable process by integrating energy consumption control within a building or city with other systems. This system provides a flexible solution in terms of energy consumption and allows it to manage and reduce costs. The source of the renewable energy system is a wind turbine, solar energy panel, but thanks to communication sensors, it can also be managed via a mobile application with an easy interface.