While drone technology and use continue to evolve, it provides convenience in control processes in various sectors.

Drones are managed remotely and their use has become widespread for many purposes, mainly for surveillance and reconnaissance. A strong service is obtained by integrating various technologies into drones with different features according to the purpose they serve. Thanks to these technologies, a significant advantage is obtained by reducing manpower and expenditure costs.

MIA Teknoloji aims to shorten the routine maintenance times of industries such as oil refineries, to carry out inspections and to facilitate reporting without having to stop work in places such as factories and power plants.

Our goals;

  • Plan and organize flight paths, collecting valuable information in the process

  • Utilize energy harvesting while charging the drone during flight and maximizing flight duration

  • Integration of fully autonomous flying which allows the drone to localize itself and return to its dock even when the GPS signal is not available

  • Collecting and analyzing data for maintenance

  • Identify potential failures or weaknesses in infrastructure

  • Develop maintenance plans that are geared towards solving various issues within the plant

  • Usage areas: refinery, factories, construction, solar panels, wind turbines, cell towers, power lines, bridges and railway systems, etc.