Biometric Verified Video Conferencing is an innovative and user-friendly product that will provide an additional layer of security to the video conferencing systems that are frequently used today, eliminate the time and cost problems of face-to-face meetings, bring together people who need to be away for security reasons, on a platform, and provide time-saving and convenience. .

  • Identification of calls with 1-1 face recognition or biometric login

  • Fields such as business, education, judgment and medicine are suitable for use.

  • Offers a new and cost-effective solution thanks to its user-friendly interface.

The purpose of using biometrics is to ensure that the people using the system are indeed the right ones. Biometric verification provides verification in two different ways in the system. When there is internet access and camera presence, the conference to be held on the platform makes face recognition at regular intervals with the logic of 1-1. In the absence of existing facilities, it provides access to the program with fingerprint or face recognition, depending on the processing device used (mobile, tablet, pc).


Example Usage Areas