In many countries, there are structures called “CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team)” and related structures operate as the country’s priority solution and protection group in the field of cyber security. The Computer Emergency Response Team (TR-CIRT) is called USOM in Turkey. USOM was established under BTK (Information and Communication Technologies Authority).

Sectoral CIRTs are established within institutions responsible for regulating and supervising critical sectors. These institutions are supervisory and regulatory public institutions such as RTÜK, EMRA, SPK, and BRSA. Sectoral CIRT is responsible for the coordination, regulation and supervision( if there is authority) of cyber security in the critical sector in its area of responsibility.

On the other hand, Institutional CIRTs are created within public institutions or within critical infrastructure operators. Critical infrastructure operators can be public or private sector organizations. All public institutions and organizations that have a separate data processing unit must establish an Institutional CIRT.

The three key components in the cyber incident response organization are the USOM, Sectoral CIRTs, and Institutional CIRTS

Within the scope of CIRT Installation Consultancy, the following services are provided:

  • Planning its place and capacity within the institution

  • Determination of working principles with internal stakeholders

  • Determination of working principles with external stakeholders

  • Providing Training

  • Documentation

  • Processes for effective use of forms

  • Reporting

  • Tests and inspections