We provide consultancy services on how to make Facility Security Applications, how to obtain Personal security documents, how to prepare the Facility Security Document Handbook, what should be done in terms of physical and documentation in the instructions specifying the requirements for the Facility Security Document in the Facility Security Document Regulation and Guidelines.

Facility Security Certificate

To be able to participate in NATO-financed or Ministry of National Defense tenders and to be exposed to the companies or organizations within the scope of the “Control List”, the works they do for the defense industry or any subject related to any confidential contract or agreement concluded for this purpose, as well as the location and environmental conditions of the facility. It is a document given by the Defense Industry National Security Authority, showing that the protection measures designed considering external and internal threats are in accordance with the desired degree of confidentiality.

Person Security Certificate

A personal security document is a document that allows people working in defense industry companies to penetrate confidential information, documents, materials or projects within the framework of the need-to-know principle, or to enter the confidential places where these are kept.