In accordance with the ISO 27701 standard, consultancy is provided for organizations to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the ISO 27701 Personal Data Management System (PDMS).

Unlike KVKK Consulting, In ISO 27701 Consulting does not only focus on the legal compliance requirements in Turkey, but also provides the opportunity to design according to the controls of an international standard applicable all over the world and best applications examples.

Establishing a Personal Data Management System under the ISO 27701 is the best way to demonstrate to customers, external stakeholders and internal stakeholders that effective systems are in place to support compliance with GDPR, KVKK and other relevant legislation.

Since ISO 27701 PDMS is an extension standard, it requires a basic ISO 27001 ISMS implementation. Organizations demand to obtain ISO 27701 certification must either have an existing ISO 27001 BGYS certification or they can apply ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 together under a single application audit.