Within the scope of the Mobilete vehicles and technologies roadmap, predictions regarding the development of the electric vehicle market and the need for charging infrastructure in our country until 2030 have been determined. We produce electric vehicle charging network solutions for the emerging electric vehicle ecosystem.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Advantages

  • Provides faster charging than home power supplies

  • Provides safe charging for electric vehicles and reduces risks such as fluctuations in electric current

  • It can be easily installed in the home garage or workplace parking area and offers convenient charging of electric vehicles

  • In the long run, it saves fuel costs by charging the electric car at home

  • Thanks to the increasing number of stations, it provides charging service at many points

Highlights in Solution

AC and DC Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installation

Installation of AC and DC type charging station types to meet the electric vehicle charging needs.

Installation and Infrastructure

For the charging station network, installation and infrastructure services are provided in accordance with the needs and the region.

End User and Management Software

Software is created for users and administration for the management and use of charging network products.

24/7 Maintenance and Repair

Provides 24/7 support for the management and control of systems in the field.

Electronic Payment System 

It provides an electronic payment system platform for the use of mobility systems.