Paper replaces complex documents with digital archives and management processes become easier and faster.

By scanning documents, object identification and classification with optical character recognition technology are transferred to digital media. It is a system in which these documents in the digital environment are categorized and easily found and managed. It helps organizations save on archive storage costs, reduce working hours, and significantly speed up business processes.

By transferring the documents to the digital environment, the physical space occupation and liability created by it is eliminated. Documents may disappear forever. To prevent this situation, the archived documents are stored on cloud or physical servers; It provides solutions for institutions such as providing ease of access and management of documents, examining and sharing documents, protecting documents against deletion events.

Problems Experienced for Archive Management

  • Forgery in document

  • Physical space occupation of archives

  • Loss and lack of copies of documents

  • Irreversible archives after disasters such as fire, flood
  • Difficulty finding documents with desired content

Archive Digitization Process

Highlights for Archive Management