Border Surveillance

It monitors the land and sea borders of the countries and inspects the crossings.


Difficulties Experienced in Border Security

  • Increase in the use of fake IDs

  • Increased workload of border control teams

  • Long duration of security control processes

  • Increasing number of unauthorized immigrants

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Illegal product trade

  • Little security impact along the border


Security and Thermal Cameras

Security and thermal cameras provide information by monitoring along the border.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

It offers autonomous drone flights across the border or user-delivered drone systems to the scene.

Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System

It offers a system to prevent unmanned aerial vehicle attacks and unauthorized flights at the border.

Face Recognition in Crowded

It detects suspicious people by using facial recognition in the crowd.

Car License Plate Recognition

It detects suspicious vehicles by performing license plate recognition.

Under Vehicle Imaging

It detects dangerous situations by making under-vehicle imaging at entrances and exits.

Border Crossing

It ensures that the passage of people at the airport, customs and ports is controlled and fast.


Biometric Based Border Access Control System


It makes the passport reading and biometric identity verification of the passengers in a short time.

Travel Control Management (Passenger Control Systems)

It manages the travel and security process of passengers in airport, station and border gate regions with biometric systems.