Border security of countries is now more comprehensively controlled by being equipped with various technological products and systems.

It provides a controlled management of country borders and certain areas by using high-tech systems. With these products and systems placed along the border, states protect the border defense against many threats and take precautions.

States give high priority to border security. Different areas of border security; face various threats such as terrorism and unlicensed traders. These systems, which are highly beneficial for the state, and well-controlled borders provide a higher level of security and welfare for citizens.

Difficulties Experienced in Border Security

  • Increase in the use of fake IDs

  • Increased workload of border control teams

  • Long duration of security control processes

  • Increasing number of unauthorized immigrants

  • Acts of terrorism

  • Illegal product trade

  • Little security impact along the border

Highlights for Border Security

Border Management System

It is a structure that can be adapted to different scenarios, which examines the security processes by providing the controls of the travel and transit documents of the birds and vehicles at the airport, station, port and customs points, and provides a safe opportunity. It has a customizable modular design that helps to deal with different components with high scalability.

User Management System

The Integrated Border Management System includes a User Management system that is mainly responsible for managing user groups, roles and privileges. This system provides these main aspects:

  • User keeps all necessary information

  • Integrated with MBIS (Multi-biometric Identification System) for authentication and biometric system integration

  • Protects access privileges, authentication mechanism, authentication keys, user groups, user roles

  • LDAP integration

  • Central system management

  • Central user role and correct Administration

  • Detailed logging and monitoring

  • Secure integration interface

Entry/Exit Clearance System Functions

The Integrated Border Management System includes a sub-component to manage the entry-exit process of passengers. This system includes:

  • Vehicle check (stolen or not stolen / license plate)

  • Reading and checking travel document

  • Passenger control via MBIS (Multi-Biometric Identification System) and user management

Business Process Management

It is one of the simple and capable software platforms that includes a dynamic workflow and form design tool, which allows you to transfer all your corporate forms and processes to software platforms, to operate, monitor and make any revisions. should be recorded. Creating your forms, workflows and applications is easy, just drag and drop all the objects in your browser. BPM suggests that you can make your repetitive work productive with artificial intelligence components. All processes can be easily designed, measured, revised and implemented. You will be able to do all these operations easily without the need for any code knowledge.