In order to increase security measures in crowded and growing cities, it creates reliable living spaces by monitoring the city and traffic with cameras and sensors.


Problems Encountered in City Security Management

  • Too much workload on security personnel

  • Authentication low level

  • Immigrants and tourists not properly registered

  • Technological inadequacy in existing systems

  • Increased burden to reduce crime rates

  • Traffic accidents and congestion

  • Difficulty watching CCTV recordings


Face Recognition and Tracking in Crowded

It detects the faces of people in the crowd, recognizes the registered faces and follows these people.

Age and Gender Determination

It provides demographic analysis by determining age and gender without registering personal information.

Anomaly Case Determination

It detects anomaly situations such as crowding, shouting, fighting and arguing in the city.

Traffic Management

It makes traffic management for city safety by following the traffic with various systems.

Command Control and Data Center Installation

It offers command and control center and data center design-installation, where all systems are monitored and the city is monitored.