In order to increase security measures in crowded and growing cities, it controls the points in the city with security devices.

It aims at a controlled security and management purpose by ensuring the safety of citizens and traffic and by monitoring the city. Various technological systems coexist. It has a structure that can be made suitable for many regions according to the requirements of the cities.

Public safety issues, which have become more important in recent years, depend on urban security. Many cities have begun to strive to establish a centralized surveillance and management system. The city surveillance system is included in urban planning so that it can work more efficiently and reliably by covering a larger area.

Problems Encountered in City Security Management

  • Too much workload on security personnel

  • Authentication low level

  • Immigrants and tourists not properly registered

  • Technological inadequacy in existing systems

  • Increased burden to reduce crime rates

  • Traffic accidents and congestion

  • Difficulty watching CCTV recordings

Highlights for City Security