We provide outsourcing service for development custom robust, enterprise-ready computer vision solutions powered by ML and AI that can scale with your needs.

Thanks to our comprehensive machine vision library for C++ and Python, we help programmers for creating industrial image analysis applications from standard image acquisition interfaces, through low-level image processing routines, to ready-made tools such as template matching, measurements or barcode readers. The main strengths of the product include the highest performance, modern design and simple structure making it easy to integrate with the rest of your code.

Solar Panel Quality Control System

We have developed many solutions matching current needs of industry, commercial and as well as military.

Smart Aiming

We can turn your conventional rifles into a smart sniper system with the help of our AI based targeting solution.

Driver Condition and Pattern Analysis / Passenger Anomaly Detection

We develop car safety technologies which helps prevent accidents caused by the driver getting drowsy.

PPE Safety Detection & Warning System

Multifunctional high-accuracy solution for recognition of personal protective equipment, clothing and accessories.