With systems that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect organizations from cyber-attacks and malware, we provide organizations with cyber security, security analysis and cybersecurity training.


Cyber Security Intelligence Application – Acsia

It is a cyber defense product that protects your organization’s critical data by comprehensively integrating ACSIA, EDR, SIEM, IPS and IDS functions into a single solution.

Server and Client Management Application – Gardiyan

Gardiyan is a comprehensive and adaptable central system management product that provides network and system security by managing Windows, Linux and Mac based systems from a single window.

DDoS Prevention and Deep Packet Analysis – Skyfilter

SKYFILTER has developed the next generation anti-DDoS firewall technology superior than any product in the market today to prevent all forms of DDoS attacks (as well as other types of cyber-attacks) on large-scale information systems.

Endpoint Security and Exploit Prevention –  Trapmine

Security and IT Operation Teams often look for a single endpoint platform provides both prevention and threat hunting features together.

Network and System Security (Antivirus, EDR, SIEM, DLP)

Solutions are produced to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure of organizations, to monitor, control and control all activities on end users and servers, and to prevent critical situations such as theft of personal data by reporting when necessary.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the control and reporting of security vulnerabilities in the information technology infrastructure of organizations. It is tried to infiltrate the information systems determined by the organization by trying all ways.

Cyber Security Trainings

Professional training is provided to IT and SOME personnel about what to do before, during and after the attack, against the risk of organizations being exposed to cyber attacks.