New technologies provide a convenient and secure platform for many payment issues in the lives of users.

Mobile and smart card-based solutions are used to automate the payment process of both private and public entities. Mobile and smart card-based payment processes create a secure environment and can be integrated with biometric technologies.

Unlike traditional payment methods, electronic payment systems have recently become more involved in our daily lives. In today’s world where digital commerce has become widespread, a fast and secure payment experience has been a demanded result of every user. Thanks to the multi-factor biometric authentication option, great measures have been taken to prevent fraud. In this payment system, there is a wide range of payment options such as credit card, virtual pos, electronic wallet, electronic funds transfer, electronic money & check. People can easily perform their transactions by choosing the most suitable method for them.

Problems Experienced in Payment Transactions

  • Fake identities and unauthorized transactions

  • Privacy risk, breach of personal data

  • Insufficient security verification for payment transactions

  • Use of various cards for different payment subjects

Highlights for Mobile and Electronic Card Payment