It creates smart transportation with various systems and structures to create more livable and accessible cities for everyone.

It operates with a smart and safe city approach by making traffic management and vehicle classifications. The development and widespread use of big data management, cloud technology and artificial intelligence technologies has made transportation an important issue. It creates more manageable traffic by hosting various systems and analyzing with data management.

Intelligent traffic management ensures efficient travel processes and regional detection, analysis, security and management. Recognition of vehicles is important for traffic management. With the automatic license plate recognition system, vehicle-specific identification is made. Thus, the processes of vehicles in traffic speed control, radar system and traffic ticket/payment, parking and automatic passage systems are fast.

Problems Experienced in Traffic

  • Too many accidents

  • Increased time spent in traffic

  • Increased vehicle density in traffic

  • Low catch rate of wanted vehicles

  • Plate counterfeiting and theft

  • Delay of emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire brigade to the scene

Highlights for Smart and Integrated Transportation

Traffic Analysis and Vehicle Identification

Both in a fixed area and on a flowing path; It makes identification with the distinguishing information of vehicles that can read license plates through cameras.

License Plate

The license plate is automatically detected by the camera and recognition is made by database control.

Brand, Model and Color Recognition

In addition to the automatic license plate recognition system, even the make, type and color of the vehicle can be detected.

Vehicle Speed

With the radar system, instant and average speed information of vehicles in traffic or on campuses is measured.


It detects vehicles moving in the wrong direction and alerts are sent to prevent accidents.