Published On: 10 September 2021Categories: News

MIA Still High in Bilişim500

As a result of 2020 Bilişim 500 research, our company MIA Teknoloji A.Ş. It ranked 1st in the category of “Turkey Based Manufacturer – Security Camera Equipment” and managed to rise in other categories as well.

  • 3rd place in the Human Resources Software category.
  • 4th in Hardware – Desktop and OEM Products category.
  • Hardware – 5th in Data Acquisition Hardware (OT/VT) category.
  • 5th in Network Hardware category.
  • 7th in the Sectoral Software-Health category.
  • 7th in Data Security Software category.
  • 9th in the Document Archive Management Software category.
  • 13th in the Sectoral Software-Defence category.
  • Turkey Based Manufacturer – 22nd in Hardware category.
  • 35th in Turkey Based Manufacturer – Software category.
  • 49th in Turkey Based Producer category.
  • Turkey Based Manufacturer – 92nd in the Service category.

We would like to thank and be proud of the MIA family, our business partners, our customers and Bilişim500, who contributed to this success.