The application of information technology to all sectors shows rapid development. It is also important to take advantage of this technology for complex and detailed hospital management. A digital management system has been created from the country’s health system to hospitals.

The Hospital Information Management System processes all operations from patient admission to discharge and the process that takes place in the clinic, finance, laboratory, pharmacy, stock and many areas of the hospital into electronic environment. Reduces lost files and document forgery. It makes it easier to use for authorities, improves security, and enables faster processing for requests.

Highlights for Main Modules

MIA Teknoloji creates high standards of manageable hospitals with MIA-MED.

Modular Usage

The system can be used as a whole, as well as modular according to the preferences of the users.

Dual Layer Cloud

All hospitals use a single database, and each hospital has an independent database that communicates with each other.


Desktop offers use over the Web and Mobile. It provides easy and customizable usage by offering language options.