It controls cameras and sensors from a single point to ensure the internal and external security of large facilities.

It aims at a fully controlled security management to ensure the safety of the facility and people. Cameras and sensors with various technological features coexist. It has a structure that can be made suitable for many regions according to the requirements of the facilities.

Facility and area security issues, which are an important issue, depend on various security technologies. Many facilities, buildings and districts have begun to strive to establish a central surveillance and management system. Environmental monitoring and surveillance system, with its more systematic and controllable structure, is included in urban planning so that it can work more efficiently and reliably by covering a large area.

Problems Experienced in Environmental Safety Management

  • Overwork and inadequacy of security personnel

  • Not being followed continuously by monitoring instant events

  • Not recognizing people

  • Suspicious and wanted persons cannot be followed up

  • Difficulty watching CCTV recordings

Highlights for Environmental Safety