We understand that each organization has a distinct culture, and we offer customized collaborations and solutions based on the principles of transparency and reliability.

Challenges Faced by Companies in Combating Climate Crisis

  • Financial Challenges

  • Regulatory Challenges (Compliance Costs and Uncertainties)

  • Technological Challenges

  • Internal and External Resistance

  • Competitive Pressure

  • Resource Scarcity

  • Communication and Appearance Challenges


Consulting Services

We assist companies in achieving their national and international sustainability goals, complying with environmental regulations, and managing climate change risks by helping them develop strategic plans.

Technology and Innovation

We identify your emission sources using licensed 2D-3D measurement techniques and satellite-supported green technology integration, assisting you in developing sustainable products.

Financial Services

We provide financing and international certification for sustainable projects, and we certify the reliability and sustainability of your investments by establishing turnkey renewable energy plants.

Education and Capacity Building

We offer sustainability training and leadership programs to employees and managers at an international level.

Supply Chain Management

We create a sustainable ecosystem at an international level by making every stage of the supply chain sustainable and evaluating the performance of suppliers.

Data Analytics and Reporting

We assist companies in analyzing their environmental performance and ensuring transparency by utilizing artificial intelligence for data analytics and reporting.

Communication and Apperance Management


We assist companies in effectively advancing their international sustainability efforts and enhancing their eco-friendly image through green branding.

Innovation and Business Models

We assist companies in transitioning to a circular economy, reducing their waste, increasing resource efficiency and developing new sustainable products and services.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Membership in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

  • Membership in the UN Global Compact

  • Participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)


  • Transaction Authorization with Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX)

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Credit Registry Memberships – Environmental Registry Memberships (Carbon Certificate Accreditations)

  • CDM Registry (UNFCCC)

  • Gold Standard (GSF)

  • Universal Carbon Registry (UCR)

  • BioCarbon Registry (BCR)

  • Verra