Immersive Technologies; It has a structure that includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. It creates solutions for the needs of the sector by carrying out studies in various fields such as education, sales and marketing.


Indoor Mapping & Navigation with AR

Using indoor navigation; helps to go to the targeted product or point in a place.

While relocating quickly and efficiently, information can be gained by interacting with other objects in the area.

Indoor navigation based on AR-based floor plans by floor plans
User mapping with lidar-based precision mapping method
User-assigned attention points
Applicability in large areas such as shopping malls, factories and airports

Remote Care Service with AR and MR

With AR or MR-based remote assistance, it enables company employees to perform their tasks during maintenance with real-time support.

In this way, it becomes possible to carry out the maintenance process faster and at the same time much easier.

Providing remote support with AR or MR supported device
Directions and visual guidance via remote connection
Time advantage and reduction of cost expenses

Vocational Training & Occupational Safety with VR

VR-based staff training creates realistic role-specific scenarios. This virtual world offers all kinds of scenario experiences that are controllable and difficult to achieve in real life.

These events can be adapted to understand potential business crises. Thus, businesses analyze their employees’ stress levels and problem-solving skills.

Transfer of vocational training activities to VR environment
Reproducibility of real-world scenarios with VR technology
High efficiency and cost advantage

AR Building Control Applications

It simplifies the process by determining where and for what reason the problems in a building occur with the previously saved plan.

Thanks to visualization without any operations such as breaking or drilling in the structure; It saves time and cost.

Visualization of indoor electrical and mechanical installations with AR devices
Provides regional intervention for the solution of faults
Accelerates problem detection and repair processes with visualization without disturbing the installation order


In Virtual Reality (VR)
Working at Height Training

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Mixed Reality (MR)
Remote Maintenance

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What we do in Immersive Technologies?


  • Experience-based design

  • Collaboration for fast iteration

  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development


  • Autonomous system development

  • Commissioning on virtual environment
  • System level modeling


  • Experiences based on ARoT (AR of Things)

  • AR-powered care and Interactive training

  • Connected customer experience

Sales and Marketing

  • Interactive product configurators

  • Consumer experiences (Product showrooms, VR & AR & MR based events)

  • System level modeling