Thanks to advanced systems, it provides uninterrupted traffic management and control. This helps to reduce travel time.

It allows instant solutions to the problems experienced in city centers and highways.

Problems Experienced in Traffic

  • Too many accidents

  • Increased time spent in traffic

  • Increased vehicle density in traffic

  • Low catch rate of wanted vehicles

  • Plate counterfeiting and theft

  • Delay of emergency vehicles such as ambulance and fire brigade to the scene


Electronic Monitoring Systems

Vehicles, in the city center or on highways; It manages the deterrent and penal action processes by detecting red light violations, safety lane violations, corridor speed violations, reverse direction violations and parking violations.

Intelligent Intersection and Signalization Management

It performs junction and signaling management for vehicles and pedestrians in order to reduce traffic density at intersections and roads and to provide superiority in emergency situations.

Vehicle License Plate, Brand, Model and Color Recognition

Identification is made by obtaining license plate, brand, model and color information of vehicles passing through the city centre, highways and parking lots.

Speed Corridor and Instantaneous Speed Detection of the Vehicle

It detects the instantaneous and average speed of vehicles on a road or on roads between two points.

Command Control and Data Center Setup

A command control and data center is set up, where operation management is carried out and traffic-related data is stored and managed in order to monitor, manage and intervene in the traffic zones in the city center and highways.