Control of people, vehicles, devices and areas in places where facility security software is applied is constantly monitored by developing technology.

  • Rich and Developable Modules

  • Integrated Use With Various Devices

  • Adaptability To Different Areas

  • Multi-User Access


PizzyUniversity is a special software system in which all devices and systems integrated in the university campus with a central system are managed with advanced technology.

  • Modules Specially Developed for Universities

  • Working with PizzyKurum Infrastructure


PizzyYurt is a special software system where dormitory management works and students perform their transactions on dormitory campuses using biometric data with a central software.

  • Modules Specially Developed for Dormitories

  • Working with PizzyKurum Infrastructure


PizzyLibrary is a special software system that enables users to perform their transactions in libraries more quickly and reliably by using biometric and smart card systems.

  • Modules Specially Developed for Libraries

  • Working with PizzyKurum Infrastructure


PizzyPrison is a special software system that controls the follow-up and attendance of convicts using biometric systems and ensures critical area security in the prison.

  • Modules Specially Developed for Prisons

  • Working with PizzyKurum Infrastructure


It allows you to perform work in the field of management related to people, usage functions and connected devices with card and biometric definitions.

  • Suitability For Different Types Of People

  • Integrated Use With Various Devices

  • One-Stop Access To Registered Devices

  • Web-Based Management


Authentication (1:1) and identification (1:N) functions are provided within the scope of fusion based on multimodal biometric (Face, Fingerprint, Finger Vein Print) data.

  • Multimodal Biometric Structure

  • Fusion Realization of Data Obtained from Different Biometrics


MBIS includes multimodel biometric technologies such as face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint and finger vein recognition.

  • Multi Biometric Systems

  • Large Scale/Country Scale Projects

  • Customization By Projects

  • Participation in the top 5 NIST assessments


It is a security system that can be applied wherever people in crowded areas need access control or blacklist management.

  • Crowd Facial Recognition

  • Image and Video Analysis

  • Geographic Information System and Sketch

  • Data Table

Native Face Recognition

Face Recognition and Matching System, created with Native Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithms, is a face recognition system, which is one of the biometric detection mechanisms whose importance is increasing.

  • Compliance with NIST Standards

  • Common Platform for Face Detection and Face Recognition

  • Geographic Information System and Sketch

  • Single and Multiple Use


It processes all the procedures that take place from patient admission to discharge and the process that takes place in the clinic, finance, laboratory, pharmacy, stock and many areas of the hospital into electronic media.

  • Polyclinic, Radiology, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Stock Main Modules

  • Modular Use Structure

  • Dual Layer Cloud Technology

  • Computer and Mobile Use

Health Informatics Layers

It is ensured that HBYS works without loss and that the accuracy of the statistics received by the instructors for scientific research projects through HBYS, and the development and implementation of management systems

  • Using Barcodes in Materials Management

  • Statistics and Resource Management

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring software processes data from traffic with cameras, radar and infrared sensors and provides decision-supported reports.

  • Improvement in Vehicle Waiting Time in Traffic

  • Reduction in Fuel Consumption of Vehicles

  • Reporting to the Center

  • Video, Photo, History etc. Detailed Report Content


ACSIA is a cyber defense product that protects critical data by comprehensively integrating EDR, SIEM, IPS, and IDS functions into a single solution.

  • Working with existing cybersecurity products

  • Easy-to-install and agent-free client management

  • Clear user interface for both web and mobile decks

  • Multilayer Methodology Proactive-Reactive-Resolver


TROY SecureDocs is a software product designed to improve the security of important documents and sensitive data.

  • Avoiding Sensitive Data Changes

  • Security Key Document with QR Code

  • Authenticity Check Quick and Easy

  • TROY UV Printer, Static or Dynamic Imaging in Fluorescent Light

Biometric Video Conferencing

Biometric Verified Video Conferencing will provide an additional layer of security to the video conferencing systems that are frequently used today, eliminating the time and cost problems of face-to-face meetings.

  • Identification of Interviews with 1-1 Face Recognition or Biometric Login

  • Fields such as Business, Education, Judgment and Medicine Use

  • User Friendly Interface

Exam Evaluation

With Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Techniques, it provides scoring of all Turkish exam questions that are only composed of letters, have text content, and are within the scope of paragraph type answers.

  • Machine Learning

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Evaluation of Classical (Written) Exams

Obstacle Detection for Aircraft

By integrating the drone’s ToF camera, it provides automated obstacle detection on a route using image transmission and image processing.

  • Can Be Used For Drones

  • 3D Mapping of the Terrain

  • Depth Analysis and Image Processing


It performs access control operations through the use of biometric recognition and card reading functions of users.

  • Face Recognition

  • Finger Vein Print Recognition
  • Card Reader

  • Touch Screen


It allows users to measure body temperature with various functions, take a packed mask and perform sterilization on their hands.

  • Smart Card, QR Code, Coin Use

  • Thermal Fire Measuring Sensor

  • Hand Sterilization

  • Mask Dispenser


In the crowded area, it allows users to measure body temperature, check the mask and recognize the face.

  • Face Recognition in Crowd

  • Fire Measuring Sensor

  • Mask Control

  • Record Keeping Information


BioUrban performs natural photosynthesis for gases that pollute the natural environment, enabling them to be converted into oxygen and useful biomass.

  • Large Air Purification Capacities

  • It Cleans the Air Equivalent to Human Breath in Various Numbers.

  • Equivalence to Various Numbers of Young Eucalyptus Trees

  • Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Touchless Kiosk

By sensing the hand movements of the users, it transmits information to the user without disturbing the environment with its non-contact use and linear sound transmitting speaker system.

  • Palm Motion Detection Sensor

  • Directional Speaker

  • Wide Range of Uses

  • Lightweight and Stylish Design

Hygiene Door

By sensing the passage of users and blowing harmless disinfectant steam, it provides a hygienic passage without wetting the wearer’s clothes.

  • Suitable for Indoors

  • Cold Steam Disinfection

  • Minimal and Stylish Design

Medical Cabinet

With HIMS stock and warehouse integration; facilitates the use of drugs and medical supplies by hospital staff for patients.

  • Doctor, Nurse and Pharmacist Usage Modes

  • Mobility Usage

  • HIMS Integration