In critical areas, physical and electronic systems work together, providing a more technological solution.


It is a solution with high security systems for classifying and controlling elements such as buildings, people and vehicles. It has been developed for specific needs, ensuring the effective security and management of a facility. Its main application areas are factories, power plants, government buildings and military areas.

It enables the use of software and hardware products together by including many systems that the industry needs. It is the most suitable solution for campuses, providing a controlled system simultaneously. It overcomes with its technological infrastructure that continues to develop in private areas and complex environments where other traditional systems cannot be effective. The integrated facility is a structure that functions in the structure of the security and management solution and additionally includes different special systems and scenarios.

Deficiencies in Critical Facility Management

  • Ineffectiveness of security personnel

  • Inadequate control of facility entrances and vehicles

  • Entry of persons inside the facility into unauthorized area

  • Being unprepared for external harassment

  • Not being able to monitor every part of the facility

  • Accidents within the facility are not noticed instantly

Highlights for Critical Facility Security and Management

Sample Application Areas