MIA Technology Inc. is an R&D, Innovation, Software Development, Integration and Solution Provider company located in Technology Development Area. The company focuses on the information infrastructure needs of both public and private organizations and develops tailor-made system solutions.

MIA Technology was established in 2006 by 3 Computer Engineers and continues to develop with 15 years of industry experience. CBD employs more than 70 personnel, more than 60% of whom are in the field of R&D and innovation. The company, which offers systems working in many points of Turkey with the principle of tailor-made system development and productization, produces instant solutions to problems with the support of the 24/7 call center it provides.

MIA Technology employs highly trained engineers in many fields to conduct research and develop projects, as it attaches importance to R&D studies with its increasing experience. Along with its many teams such as Sales, Support, Business Development and Finance, it continues its business life by developing and growing with people who are always up-to-date and experienced in their fields.

MIA Teknoloji, which opened its branch in METU Technopark in December 2020, continues to be a member of many clusters, especially the Teknokent Defense Industry Cluster (TSSK), in order to step into new business networks and new collaborations. The ability to reach university laboratories and collaborate with academic staff on projects makes MIA Teknoloji a sustainable company.