Smart city, systematically uses digital technologies to manage/reduce resource spending, improve people’s quality of life, increase regional economic power.

Smart cities are required to create a data with information coming through an interconnected sensor, device or other digital services. Cities are planned where a large number of sensors record information such as air quality, traffic status, energy consumption in buildings and plans are made according to these information. Incoming data is uploaded to a cloud and can track and manage the behavior of cities online at any time, creating a digital image of the city. These resulting data form the basis of many services and products that will be created by institutions and companies.

MIA Teknoloji aims to create more technological and livable smart cities for smart city administrations with its data obtained on many issues such as transportation, energy, air quality measurement, post-natural disaster.

IoT and Lora can provide technological and easy facilities by realizing remote management with the internet. It makes transportation plans that will save on the use of energy resources, manage energy systems, create a manageable traffic and increase air quality. It also aims to create a stronger ecosystem by including the use and management of renewable energy sources, which are becoming important today, in this process. In this way, it is planning for easy and accessible cities in the future by providing interpretation and operation of data from systems.