We are conducting research on advanced technologies to provide innovative defense solutions. We offer integrated systems based on advanced technology to counter national security threats.
Together with our strategic partners, we work to produce sustainable defense projects, thereby continuing our mission both nationally and internationally. As we shape the future of defense technologies, we focus on delivering innovative and effective solutions at every step.

Critical Mission Projects for the Defense Industry

  • Specialized technology and IT projects are developed to meet the specific needs of NATO and Turkey’s defense industry.

  • These projects are undertaken with the aim of meeting the needs of the defense industry and providing innovative solutions in the fields of security and defense.

  • Thus, the defense industries of NATO and Turkey are strengthened, providing a significant contribution to national security.

Our company collaborates with leading institutions in the defense sector on special projects. These projects aim to enhance our national security by offering innovative approaches in the fields of security and defense. Our experience and deep technical knowledge enable the effective execution of these complex projects. Each project helps us achieve our strategic goals by adopting industry innovations and delivering solutions that meet the highest standards.

Mine Detection System with Drone

The advanced mine detection system enhances the security of modern battlefields by being equipped with various sensors such as FMCW microwave radar, GPR radar, and thermal cameras. Edge computing technology rapidly processes the data obtained from these sensors, facilitating the identification and classification of threats. Integration with drones allows for the autonomous flight capabilities to swiftly and safely scan large areas. This enables effective mine detection even in hazardous regions.

Paramotor Detection and Tracking System

The Paramotor Detection and Tracking System is designed to effectively detect paramotors under both night and day conditions. Our system uses Thermal PTZ cameras equipped with multiple sensors to make highly accurate detections independent of environmental conditions. The model has been trained with data obtained from real field operations, enhancing the system’s reliability and accuracy. It operates on both local Edge Computing devices and large-scale data center-class Nvidia GPU cards. Supported by PTZ cameras as well as radar technology, this system offers effective monitoring and tracking capabilities over extensive areas.

Drone Detection Radar

Operating on a specialized frequency band, the Drone Detection Radar ensures energy efficiency with low RF output power and enhances operational secrecy through its low probability of intercept (LPI) feature. Using customized pulse Doppler waveforms, it provides effective protection against both low and high-altitude flying mini and micro UAVs. Equipped with built-in GPS and a magnetic compass, this system offers a wide angular coverage area, detecting threats from various directions and ensuring comprehensive surveillance. Its digital radar architecture allows for different usage modes, maximizing operational efficiency. The user-friendly interface shortens training processes, making this radar an ideal solution for enhancing the effectiveness of security systems.

Intelligent Fiber Optic Sensor (IFOS)

This innovative system enhances border security by transforming standard telecommunication fiber optic cables into distributed sensors capable of detecting pressure, temperature, strain, and acoustic changes. Capable of reliably identifying multiple threats in real-time, this technology uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to classify and locate various activities such as human movements, vehicle traffic, digging operations, and gunfire. These features provide field patrols with detailed information about the location, scale, and type of threats, thus enabling security forces to act more effectively and swiftly.