It offers traceable payment methods to solve the problem of time and cash in shopping and transportation.

It can be used in public transportation, bicycle-scooter rental and highway toll booths.

Problems Experienced in Payment Transactions

  • Different card payment methods for different payment types

  • Privacy risk, breach of personal data

  • Insufficient security verification

  • Difficult to track payment transactions


Payment at Contracted Sales Points

It makes payment transactions through a single system at many points without using different cards or mobile applications.

Payment by App (Mobile Wallet)

It enables and monitors payment transactions with a mobile application without the need to carry cash or cards.

Money Transfer Between Users

It provides safe and fast money transfer between users to their wallets.

Bicycle And Scooter Rental

Without the need for a different system, it makes electric and scooter rentals of the contracted institution in the city.

Payment Possibilities In Public Transportation;

It allows users to make payments with different methods in various public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways and ferries.

  • Payment by QR code scanning

  • Payment with NFC mobile and card swipe

  • Payment by entering the license plate code

  • Payment via Bluetooth