With shared mobility, the development of sustainable urban transportation systems, infrastructure works and integration with other systems is ensured. It provides a sustainable transportation opportunity by encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

Benefits of Shared Mobility for Urban Transportation

  • Reduces traffic density

  • Contributes to sustainable transportation

  • Creates a low-cost personal transportation method

  • Reduces fuel costs

  • Provides physical movement for users


Design, Installation and Integration

Products and systems are designed, installed and integrated in accordance with the needs.

End User, Operation & Fleet Management Software

Provides geographic information system integrated software for the management and use of shared cars.

Electric Bike

Electric bicycle supply and system development are carried out according to the needs.

Field and Operations Management

Provides 24/7 support for the management and control of systems in field.

Electronic Payment System

It provides an electronic payment system platform for the use of micromobility systems.