Published On: 9 December 2021Categories: Announcements

Regarding Activities in the Field of Metaverse Technology

The Board of Directors of MIA Teknoloji Inc. has given decisions for progress in matters such as increasing the investment figures for the R&D projects while it continues its initiatives on the Metaverse universe and innovation studies in various fields, establishing new companies, making company partnerships, and contributing to the development of qualified human resources by collaborating with the universities.

This technological innovation, which causes mobilization in the field of social life and marketing on the agenda, is developing and growing more and more integrated into our lives day by day.

Many sectors for the near future will carry out their activities such as marketing, promotion, and sales over Metaverse platforms, and entertainment and social life areas will evolve into various platforms on this universe.

As MIA Teknoloji, we aim to announce many products and services on the Metaverse universe, make investments, create meetings with national and international business partners, and events in the coming days. In this direction, we will continue to move forward openly to innovation to be among the pioneers in the representation of this technology.

We announce this to the public with regards.

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