In order to meet the information technology needs of organizations, system development and technical support are provided by making needs analysis and offering solutions with new technologies.


Data Center Installation

A to z design and installation of system rooms or data centers that organizations need to centrally manage their information technology infrastructures are offered.

Cloud Computing

Today, organizations prefer to access information technology infrastructure components over the Internet instead of investing heavily in databases, software and hardware. MIA Teknoloji provides cloud computing solutions to its customers with services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Network Configuration

Modeling and installation of all end-to-end network components with special configurations such as WAN, SD-WAN, LAN, VLAN are carried out by expert personnel. Thanks to the correct network configuration, business interruptions are minimized, working efficiency is increased and network maintenance costs are reduced.

System Installation and Configuration

Services such as server setup and configuration, virtualization, domain controller, database setup, backup infrastructure, and data storage solutions are offered to customers by system experts.

IT Support

The processes of troubleshooting, renewing, re-establishing and modeling the faults in the information technology components of your organization are supported by expert personnel.